Acuvue contact lenses

Johnson & Johnson's Acuvue brand of contact lenses features an extensive selection of lens types designed to meet all of your vision correction needs, with daily disposable, two-week or monthly lenses to meet them all! Discover your ideal lens today! Optical Center offers a wide range of Acuvue contact lenses.

Daily Disposable Contact Lenses Acuvue's daily disposable contact lenses offer convenience for busy lifestyles by allowing wearers to wear them all day before discarding them overnight. Perfect for first-time contact lens wearers who don't have enough time or dedication to cleaning their lenses regularly, daily disposable lenses allow easy wear with zero maintenance required after each day's wear and throwaway!

Two-Week Replacement Contact Lenses

Acuvue 2-week replacement contact lenses are specifically designed to be worn every other week without needing to be cleaned and disposed of after each use, providing nearsighted or farsighted individuals with all of the benefits associated with monthly lenses without all the hassles that go along with them.

These lenses feature an innovative design featuring HydraLuxe Technology that lubricates and moisturizes lenses to make wearing them more comfortable, as well as UV protection to prevent sunburned eyes.

Acuvue multifocal contact lenses provide clear vision at all distances for those who are nearsighted, farsighted or have presbyopia. Their Blink Stabilized design ensures consistent vision even when you blink. They're comfortable too - plus, their Blink Stabilized feature keeps your vision intact when blinking!

Multifocal lenses are among the most sought-after types of contact lenses worldwide, making them a top choice among contact lens wearers. Available in both natural and colored hues, multifocals can help improve eye color while adding some flair to any look.

Acuvue Oasys 1-Day with HydraLuxe technology

These two-week contact lenses are popular due to their moisture-rich, breathable material which reportedly keeps eyes feeling fresh all day long. Plus, there are various styles to meet various eye health issues including nearsightedness/farsightedness/astigmatism/age related vision loss issues.

Johnson & Johnson's HYDRACLEAR Plus technology makes these 2-week contact lenses even more ideal for long-term wear; specifically designed to support quality contact film without tears or discomfort, making these long-wear lenses great investments.

Are You Searching for Alternatives to Acuvue Oasys? Other excellent alternatives could include Dailies Total 1 and Bausch & Lomb Infuse Daily.


Contact lens wearers frequently experience astigmatism due to an irregularly shaped cornea that leads to blurry vision or even squinting; to minimize potential side effects and protect eye health it's essential that they get a lens tailored specifically to them.

Acuvue Moist For Astigmatism These toric contact lenses are popular among those suffering from astigmatism, as they offer effective correction while remaining comfortable enough for daily disposable lenses. Furthermore, their UV-B blocker feature blocks 97% and 82% respectively of ultraviolet A and UVB radiation for extra sun protection.

This year, we suggest trying the ACUVUE ADVANCE Plus Colorblends as they offer 12 natural-hued shades that can be used both cosmetically and with prescription eyeglasses. Their advanced HYDRACLEAR technology ensures all-day comfort with their visibility tint making them easy to spot either inside their cases or your eyes - plus there's even an affordable 24-lens package! Perfect for anyone who wishes to purchase their annual supply in an easier and more cost-effective manner.

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